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When I was a small girl I started to have the same dream every night. It always began with the sounds of an orchestra tuning up outside my bedroom door. These off key sounds would enter my room having taken on a visual form, swirling around me like a cartoon tornado. The chaotic whirlwind would grow larger causing me to wake up and leaving a lasting memory and influence in my later work. Another early impression came from my exposure to generations of my female relative’svibrant and brightly colored and patterned quilts. I initially took up sewing,quilting and embroidery, but it was much too tame of a creative endeavor. However the colors and patterns remain in my artwork. Years later, when I became an artist,I tried to recreate the feelings from these dreams and memories. A large body of my work has dealt with people who are sleeping, dancing or are unaware while the unexpected invades their space. In one of my latest paintings a couple peacefully sits on their porch smiling while their house is ablaze. The way I see it, my dreams and memories are gifts of inspiration.